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Bible Lands Museum

This week at the Bible Lands Museum at 30.09.2019

Until 30.09.2019

A new exhibition: Anchors Aweigh: Seaports of the Holy Land


Port cities in the Land of Israel had an important role throughout history. After the expulsion of the Crusaders in the late 13th century, European rulers gave up hope of ever re-conquering the Holy Land, and religious warriors were replaced by Christian and Jewish pilgrims. These pilgrims continued visiting ruined ports on their arduous journeys to holy sites. Many of them dropped anchor off the shores of Jaffa, which was called the “Port of Jerusalem,” and from there embarked in convoys to the Holy City and other sites. The port of Jaffa grew in significance during the 19th and 20th centuries, when it became Palestine’s primary point of entry under Ottoman rule, especially for the early waves of Jewish immigrants. 


The exhibition “Anchors Aweigh: Seaports of the Holy Land” presents images of the historical port cities - the points of entry to the Land of Israel - from the 16th to early 20th centuries. This extraordinary collection offers a glimpse of Palestine’s ports over hundreds of years, documenting their important economic and cultural roles, and bearing witness to the many different types of pilgrims, traders, and adventurers who risked their lives to reach the Holy Land.


Long before photography was invented, engraving and printing were the primary means for people to experience the lands beyond their reach. The exhibition features fifty-four prints, maps, and sketches from the collection of Yossi Gilben, along with pictures from the collections of the late Dan Kyram. On display are prime works by artists, including David Roberts, William Bartlett, Henry Finn, and more. 


Gallery talks:


2. Friday | 20.9.19 | 10:30 - English 



Wednesday Evening Lectures


Our outstanding lecture series is back with a variety of fascinating topics

in archeology, history, anthropology and the biblical narrative,

delivered by leading researchers and experts.


18.9 - Rosh Hashanah, the Shofar, and Hannah's Song of Praise: Music and the Bible, Prof. Max Stern, Ariel University, English



Fridays in Focus


Once a month, on Fridays, before noon, a museum staff member will guide a group through a unique, personal tour on a topic close to their hearts. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the museum from a different perspective, explore the main galleries and gain a little insight into the past, present and future, as well as get to know a different member of the museum. It will be interesting personal and a little different… 


6.9 - Hades, Mycenae, and Carthage’s Inferno - Burial Practices in the Ancient World, Galit Zarachi, Senior Guide at the BLMJ

During the tour, I will share secrets of Egyptian and Mesopotamian burial, funeral rites of the Mycenaeans and ancient Greeks, and share some of my own research into Phoenician burial as reflected along the coasts of Lebanon, Achziv, and Carthage.



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