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Odysseus Chaoticus

at 06.01.2010

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Wednesday jan 6th


A Physical Comedy

Premiered in May 2008 at Clipa Aduma Int'l Festival, Tel-Aviv
Presented over 50 times

Length : approximately 1 hour
Language : Gibberish

Creators and performers:
Noam Rubinstein, Fyodor Makarov and Yolana Zimmerman
Directed by: Masha Nemirovsky (winner of the Jerusalem Prize, 2002)
Songs written by: Noam Rubinstein
Costumes: Svetlana Livshits
Production: Alina Feldman

About the show:

Odysseus Chaoticus is an original creation of three great clowns and creators:
Fyodor Makarov, a member of Slava Polunin's mythological clown troop ("SnowShow"), Yolana Zimmerman ("Scandal Clowns", "La Gazetta") and Noam Rubinstein, a creator, actor, music writer, member of the Clipa theater ensemble and winner for 'best screenplay' in the worldwide "48 Hour Short Film Competition, 2007 for "Time Catcher" .

Odysseus Chaoticus is a fantastic cabaret show, based on the travels of Odysseus, King of Ithaca. Parts of the Mythological Odyssey are intertwined into a story of an eccentric Italian family: A romantic-dreamer husband, his uptight dominating-loving wife, a needy old Papa and their newly born noisy baby all packed like sardines in their small home. The dreamy husband escapes his mundane routine to an imaginative journey inspired by the "Odyssey".

The three actors/clowns play a multitude of characters, switching them in an almost dizzying rhythm, while playing musical instruments, dancing and singing. Thus, they tell the story of the Great Greek hero, King Odysseus, who struggled to find his way home in a wondrously cruel world of Gods, witches, monsters and humans.

Physical Theater, clowning, acting, dance and live music are all packed into a deliberately 'low-tech' concept, creating a sweeping rhythmic succession of scenes.




Hebron St. 28


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