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2 Day Tours

in Jerusalem

Jerusalem can either be the departure point or arrival destination for 2-day tours. Take a trip around Jerusalem followed by a journey to the Dead Sea and its environs, or perhaps even a tour of the Christian Galilee that will leave you spellbound

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Jerusalem & Israel 2  Day Tours

Israel is a country that encourages you to want to get out and explore, to get to know it better. A 2 day tour enables the intrepid traveller a brief taste of what makes it so special. The only difficulty will be narrowing down your choices if you only have a short window of opportunity.

Your tour could include a day in Jerusalem followed by a trip to the Dead Sea and Masada, journeying to Bethlehem to see the birthplace of Christianity and even travelling north to the magnificent scenery surrounding the idyllic Sea of Galilee. A 2 day trip will only be able to give you a brief glimpse of this intoxicating place but you will be left with indelible memories of your visit to Israel

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