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Yemenite Falafel

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The sign says it all: Yemenite Falafel Center. Salads. Drinks. And that’s it.

It’s unassuming little joints like these, which could be five or 50-years-old, that are at the heart of Israel’s restaurant culture. Many Jerusalemites claim that Merkaz Hafalafel Hateimani turns out the best falafel in Jerusalem. They may be right.

As soon as you enter the narrow confines of Falafel Hateimani, you’ll come face-to-face with what's been called "respect in falafel form" – a free falafel ball straight from the fryer to munch on while you wait. It’s this kind of small gesture of appreciation for the customer, almost a miracle considering the general attitude of the Israeli service industry toward people who dare to utilize their services, that sets Falafel Hateimani apart. Also, of course, the falafel rocks.

A falafel in pita (priced a bit above average at 12 NIS), which is pretty much all they offer, comes with the standard array of salads, with a standout charif that manages to be both spicier and more flavorful than anyone else’s in the city. Come on Fridays and you'll be given falafel in lahuh, a spongy Yemenite pancake-like bread.

  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday 9:30 to 21:30; Friday 9:30 to 2 hours before Shabbat

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