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Iwo Meat Burger

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The restaurateur who goes by the name of Iwo is something of a notorious figure in the Jerusalem culinary scene. His unassuming delicatessen on Shammai Street was one of the first establishments in West Jerusalem to openly sell pork, seafood and other non-kosher goodies. A few years ago, Iwo expanded into the burger business with the creatively-named Iwo Meat Burger. At least you know what you're getting – in these days of tofu and wheat gluten, one can never be too sure.


A sign warns that the restaurant is not for vegetarians, a warning which should be heeded. Order your burger by weight, specify how you want it to be done, and sit at the vaguely '50s-style bar. In keeping with Iwo's treif-centric worldview, this is one of the few places in Jerusalem you can get a cheeseburger. Chicken dishes also make cameos on the beef-heavy Meat Burger menu. 

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