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Matzok Tomcar, Bicycle and and Jeep Trips

Welcome to Matzok Tomcar, Bicycle and and Jeep Trips

Group Booking

Matzok is a leading supplier of leisure sport activities, specializing in guided bicycle tours all over Israel, ATV and 4x4 vehicle tours  (on and off terrain), for individuals as well as for large groups.

The company has been active successfully in the market since 2002.

Matzok’s large and modern bicycle fleet is the best maintained and advanced consisting of over 150 pairs of mountain bicycles that will lead you as far as you wish to go and let you experience nature in a different way.

Matzok will custom design the most suitable and safe plan for you for any activity you chose, be it self-drive ATV vehicle out in the open, jeep, bicycle or a guided tour.

You can also rent double bicycles, baby chairs and kid trailers. The company offers bicycle trips for groups all over Israel which include high quality professional aluminum bicycles, safety helmets, a guide, a paramedic, an escort vehicle, a technical team and ample spare parts and bicycles for a perfect field experience.

All routes have been tested and found suitable for bicycles trips. Matzok’s experienced staff will help you plan the perfect trip taking care of all details for you to ensure the perfect experience.


Tomcar ATV:

The Tomcar ATV trips use very safe ATV, with seatbelts and sport seats, to give you maximum safety & fun. The car has an automatic gear and can be driven off-road up to maximum 70 km per hour.

It is possible to drive the vehicle in any weather and with children age 4 years old and up.

The Tomcar has 2 seats, and the ranger is designed for 3 persons.

A valid driving license is required. Please reserve in advance.

Tomcar rental fees:


300 NIS for two people for a 75 minute ride

480 NIS for two people for a 135 minute ride

2400 NIS for a two day trip including room and board (minimum rental of 2 tractors for this deal)


For more trip options and prices (in Hebrew) click here.




Jamis Trail X1 - 60 NIS 

Aluminum frame, front 80 mm fork, 21 gears -

Jamis Exile Sport 2012 - 80 NIS

Exile has been a huge hit for us these past few years, as more riders discovered the benefits of 29-inch wheels, and the dialed-in feel of our tweaked-and-tuned geometry.

Iron Horse Transit 1.0 - 80 NIS

Flat-bar commuter bike

Marin Bolinas Ridge - 70 NIS

the lightest aluminum shield, 120 mm fork, 24 gears

Marin East Peak 5.5 - 90 NIS

Full Suspension bike, 27 gears hydraulic brakes, 120mm

Raleigh Companion - 140 NIS



Bicycle rent stops for bicycle rental (self ride):

Moshav Aminadav – 5 minutes from Jerusalem.

Opening time: Sunday – Saturday 09:00-19:00 Advance reservation is required.

Matzok looks forward to seeing you and promises you lots of fun! 

Contact Matzok:
Moshav Aminadav 1

Harei Yehuda 90885

Mobile: 052-3865612

Phone: 02-6431342

Fax: 02-6436280

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Meals in the field on the Taboun
Building on years of experience in outdoor adventure trips, Matzok is now expanding its offerings to include unique outdoor culinary experiences, in the form of a 500 year old tradition which has been kept up through the generations. Matzok offers a range of outdoor meals which are baked in the taboun – a stone oven. The traditional taboun oven is heated by the wood of citrus, olive and walnut trees which gives the food a unique taste and adds wonderful aroma. Matzok has a portable taboun that can be brought anywhere in Israel, where your choice of meal will be prepared as part of an action-packed day of adventure with Matzok. The food is prepared on site, fresh and warm, before the eyes of the participants. 
Matzok offers a variety of menus:

*Light spread/appetizers




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