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Pizza Sababa

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Israelis have an oddly schizophrenic relationship with American fast food chains cropping up in Israel. On the one hand, to locals who obsessively measure their own country's worth by how it compares to America (which is to say, most young Israelis), the appearance of American fast food chains is evidence of Israel's growing Americanness, which is to say Israel's growing coolness. But on the other hand, Israelis are often fiercely loyal to the homegrown chains which compete with the American giants.

A good example is Emek Refaim's Pizza Sababa, a mom and pop pizza joint which actually over the course of several years drove the Pizza Hut across the street out of business. The explanation for this may be more mundane than Israeli-American cultural wars playing out in the streets – in truth, Pizza Sababa just had better pizza for less money.

You'll find a standard Israeli kosher pizzeria inside, with all your standard Israeli toppings, including of course the ubiquitous corn pizza, at 70 NIS for a large pie. Pizza Sababa delivers in the area.

  • Kids friendly
  • Accessibility for People with Disabilities
  • Delivery
  • Take away
  • Kosher

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 to 00:00; Friday 10:00 to 14:30; Saturday motzaei Shabbat to midnight


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