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After many years in the City Center's Feingold Courtyard, Adom, part of a growing empire of Jerusalem bistros, is now located in the new First Station at the Old Train Station Plaza. 


The restaurant specializes in wines and international cuisine which mixes local ingredients and flavors with a heavy continental influence, especially French and Italian. The steady flow of beautiful people into Adom can't be anything but a good sign.


The wine list is massive and constantly being updated, with both mainstream and boutique Israeli wineries represented, as well as wines from Europe and the New World. The menu changes depending on time, with gourmet evening options, late-night options (finger food-gone-gourmet) and even a kids' plate.


The new location boasts a spacious open air deck as well as a VIP private room which can accommodate private events for up to 14 people.


Adom is now open for lunch as well and offers a business lunch discount (15% off any selection from the regular menu) from 12:30-17:00 on Sunday-Thursday.


Adom hosts private events such as birthdays, Bar Mitzvah receptions, corporate events, and more. For details call Shani at 02-624-6242 or 054-764-0987.


  • Open on Saturday
  • Private Room
  • Accessibility for People with Disabilities


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