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Moshiko Falafel

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Falafel is the quintessential Israeli street food – those unassuming balls of fried chickpea puree may not look impressive, but they are the fuel which powers the nation of Israel, and rare is the Israeli who does not have a firm opinion regarding which is the best falafel in the country.


No tourist experience is complete without a pita brimming with falafel and salad, and fortunately, one of Jerusalem's better falafel stands happens to be located in the heart of Jerusalem's main tourist area, Ben Yehuda Street. Moshiko isn't fancy, and it has burdened itself with the mysterious slogan, "Some people buy falafel, here falafel buy people" (which doesn't work any better in Hebrew), but it reliably turns out excellent crisp and green falafel balls, in addition to shwarma, sabich and other pita-related fast food. The salads are always fresh, and Moshiko helps its case by offering Turkish salad, a tomato, onion and herb concoction that adds a lot to a falafel but is for some reason rare in the falafel kiosks of the Jewish state.

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