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The word "marzipan" carries a kind of sanctity in the mind of English-speaking immigrants and temporary residents in Jerusalem. Not, of course, the almond-and-sugar paste, but rather the Machane Yehuda bakery, which specializes in a squishy, gooey, calorically-breathtaking chocolate rugelach that drives Anglos wild.


Lines spill out of the bakery and down the already crowded sidewalk on Fridays as Jerusalemites queue up for their fix. But there's never been a place to sit at Marzipan - until the advent of Cafe Marzipan, a branch of the bakery on Rachel Imenu Street where you can enjoy the bakery's beloved goods sitting down. There's no fuss and no hot food - just coffee, drinks and those famous pastries, all on a cafe table under an awning. Same rugelach, fewer shoving, sugar-rushing seminary girls.

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