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Beit HaQahwa Cafe

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Qahwa is the Arabic word for coffee, both the star attraction at Beit HaQahwa (or Beit HaKahava - "Coffeehouse") and a winking reference for the literati to the work of Israeli titan of letters S. Y. Agnon, one of whose many linguistic idiosyncrasies was his determined use of beit haqahwa rather than the usual beit hakafeh. (Tmol Shilshom, another Jerusalem cafe, also draws its name from Agnon's florid Hebrew.)


Pretense aside, Beit HaQahwa is a tiny coffeehouse on the inordinately pleasant Yanai Street, with the bar manned by friendly baristi that pull an excellent shot of espresso, served with delicious biscotti on the side. A (non-kosher) menu of tasty dairy fare is also available, per the usual, as well as wine and alcohol.

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