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Cafe Kadosh

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Most Mediterranean and European countries have very well-established cafe cultures, and the State of Israel, born out of the mingling of attitudes and peoples both European and Mediterranean, is home to a cafe culture as thriving as any from Cairo to Vienna. Although the chains are conquering more and more of the market share lately, Jerusalem is still home to several iconic cafes that have weathered the shifting political and cultural winds for decades and still serve coffee to their regulars from the 1960s – who have transformed over the years from idealistic young intellectuals to grumpy old intellectuals.


One of them is Shlomtzion Hamalka Street's Cafe Kadosh, popular with the politician/public servant crowd from nearby Safra Square, home of the Jerusalem Municipality. Kadosh one-ups its competition with a higher grade of food: specialty pastas, excellent quiche and French baked goods made on-site, and of course the requisite assortment of coffee and tea drinks.

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