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Shammai 12 Cafe

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In a country bursting at the seams with essentially identical kosher dairy cafe/restaurants, a new joint of that type has to offer some kind of creative spin – an interesting name or funky décor or some variation on the traditional menu – in order to stand out. This is something Shammai 12 has apparently failed to grasp – when a restaurant can't come up with something other than its address as a name, that doesn't bode well for the variety of options you'll find inside.

Sure enough, Shammai 12 offers several kinds of pasta, pizzas, salads, soups, fish and a few traditional Israeli breakfast-y favorites, like shakshuka (eggs simmered in a tomato and pepper stew), exactly like dozens of other restaurants within walking distance. But the food is of reliable quality and should suit unadventurous eaters and families with small children fine. The restaurant is more than accommodating to tourists.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 to 2:00; Friday 7:00 to the afternoon; Saturday motzaei Shabbat to 2:00

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