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The Book of Esther: The Director's Cut at 04.03.2014

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Tuesday mar 4th


Resourcefulness, temptation, sacrifice, sophistication and daring are some of the components of the Book of Esther, which have made it one of the most familiar books of the bible. In this series we will attempt to present additional and less familiar facets of the Book and illuminate it in a new light.


First Session First session: Talmudic Interpretations to the Book of Esther

Tuesday, Mar 4, 8:00 PM

What is the meaning of the double name of Esther-Hadassah, and what did one who keeps kosher eat in Ahasuerus’ palace?

Lecturer: Prof. Avigdor Shinan, BEIT AVI CHAI and the Faculty of Hebrew Literature in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem


Second session: The Owner of the Book of Esther Reads from the Bible

Thursday, Mar 6, 8:00 PM

The name of G-d is not mentioned in the Book of Esther even once, although the writer is very knowledgeable in Biblical literature. Is there not a contradiction between these two facts?

Lecturer: Prof. Yair Zakovitch, Professor of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.


Third session: And Esther Shall Pray

Tuesday, Mar 11, 8:00 PM

Esther as a religious figure and the Queen’s prayers.

Lecturer: Rabbi Prof. Dalia Marx, Professor of Liturgy and the Midrash at the Hebrew Union College


Fourth session: On the Contrary

Thursday, Mar 13, 8:00 PM

The incarnations of the Book of Esther in Jewish art throughout the ages.

Lecturer: Prof Shalom Tzabar, The Faculty of Folklore and the History of Art at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Entrance free of charge, subject to availability. Tickets can be reserved in advance.

This is a Hebrew-language only event.



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