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The Incubator Theater: Animal Parables

at 26.04.2013

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Friday apr 26th

The Incubator Theater presents "Animal Parables": based on the stories of H.N. Bialik, at Masie House.

April 26, 2013 at 13:30

The show, which is a dramatization based on stories by H.N. Bialik, includes acrobatics, pantomime, story theater, and lots of laughter. The performance is comprised of four parables, and the common thread is Shlomo the storyteller.

The four parables:

1. Shlomo receives the wisdom and ability to control animals and understand their language.
2. The bird and the golden threads
3. Shlomo and the bee
4. The chain of life

With: Dani Brusovny, Odelia Vahav, Ariel Keren, Idan Shirazi

40 NIS

In Hebrew.


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